Fees & Payment Terms

The Dalkeith Medical Centre is a private practice and provides its patients the time needed to address their medical needs thoroughly and with care.


We invite you to enquire regarding the fee levels and Medicare rebates of the services we provide.


The practice offers comprehensive and quality medical services. It is preferred that accounts be paid on the day of consultation by cash, cheque, Bankcard, Mastercard or Visa. The AMA fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and is displayed in the reception area of the surgery. If you have any difficulty

in paying our fees, please discuss this with us.


Transfer of clinical notes attracts an administration fee for copying and postage.

Consultation & Common Items


Standard Consultation                       

Long Consultation                             

Full Body Skin Checks*                       

INR Test                                        

Script without consult** 

Referral without consult**  


The above fees are subject to change without prior notice

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please inform our reception at least two hours before your scheduled appointment time, so it may be offered to another patient.  If you fail to cancel your appointment within this time frame and/or do not attend, we reserve the right to charge you a non-attendance fee.


Additional Information

* Complete full body skin checks are conducted by Dr. Glenn Liew and comprise a 40-minute appointment.

** Scripts and referrals may be ordered over the telephone without seeing your doctor in some circumstances. Our reception staff and/or your doctor will be able to advise you if this is possible. Please note that all fees relating to script and/or referral requests need to be paid before they are collected, faxed and/or emailed to you, pharmacies or specialists.

Saturdays – Please note that Saturdays incur an additional $10 cost on top of our usual consultation fees and that bulk billed consultations are usually not available on this day.

Skin Excisions – No fee is payable on the day of the procedure. However, an invoice will be posted to you within 14 days of the excision once we receive the laboratory report confirming the nature of the lesion that was excised. Costs may vary from $150.00 - $450.00.

Vaccines – The cost depends on your personal circumstances and some may be accessed free of charge. Costs for vaccines are non-rebatable through Medicare.


The above fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Cost                 Rebate

$  94.95           $ 39.75

$ 162.95           $ 76.95

$ 217.95            $113.30

$   5.00                -

$  27.00                -

$  27.00                -