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Phone or Video Consultations (Telehealth)

Phone or video consultations (known as Telehealth) are now offered in place of face-to-face appointments, if you are Covid-19 positive or if your doctor is self-isolating/working from a location away from the practice. 

Please ring reception when you would like to request a telehealth appointment and if you would be eligible for a Medicare rebate.  The reception staff member will ask you some questions to identify if you meet the criteria.

If you are having a phone consultation, you will need your mobile or landline phone.  If you are having a video consultation, you will receive an email invitation to click on a link to access the consultation via the internet (Google, Edge etc.) and placed in a virtual waiting room.

Your doctor will send your medicine prescription to your email address or mobile phone number (SMS) using a “token” (like a barcode at the supermarket), which the pharmacy scans to dispense your medicines.  You can also forward the email or SMS to someone else to collect the medicine on your behalf.

If you need a request for a blood test or radiology appointment, your doctor can send the request to you by email.

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